5 Low-Maintenance Plants for Warmer and Lighted Spots of Arabian Homes

As it gets hotter in summer, don’t let your green thumb loose its color. Perhaps keeping houseplants in Arabia might be an endless struggle. Here are few varieties which any plantoholic can afford to quench his thirst in such conditions.

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Bastille Day In Paris

In this article, I will explain how was my experience in Paris on Bastille day as a tourist. To acquaint you with Bastille day: what Bastille day actually is, what it means and why it is celebrated every year in France. Let me start with a little background. BASTILLE DAY Bastille day is a common… Continue reading Bastille Day In Paris

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5 easy steps before going on vacation abroad 

It is always a good idea to travel but along with sightseeing comes a lot of expenses and other problems, especially when you haven’t visited that place before. So, if this is your first time traveling internationally or you have traveled a lot but want to travel in a more planned and organized way this… Continue reading 5 easy steps before going on vacation abroad 


Packing List: What to pack when going on a tour

Whether it's your first tour in a foreign country or you’re a globetrotter, it’s always helpful to know what things you need to pack. Here’s an ultimate guide of the items you may want to carry with you on your next trip. 1. Documentation  The basics and most important things when flying internationally are the… Continue reading Packing List: What to pack when going on a tour