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Basic Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin

We often go for pricey skincare products to keep our skin healthy and glowing. But there are some habits that we can apply in our everyday lives to take care of our skin so easily. Let's discuss what they are:


6 Remedies “I do” to counter attack FLU!

Flu once a year with disturbing effects bothers me alot. Unlike others, over-the-counter Antibiotics are not my rescue. I got rid of allopathic solutions and gave a chance to nature's own healing powers hidden in my kitchen.


Know this Before Your First Scoop

Find me someone who doesn't love ice-cream. We all love it. But these tips can get you the best out of best ice-creams in the market.

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Bastille Day In Paris

In this article, I will explain how was my experience in Paris on Bastille day as a tourist. To acquaint you with Bastille day: what Bastille day actually is, what it means and why it is celebrated every year in France. Let me start with a little background. BASTILLE DAY Bastille day is a common… Continue reading Bastille Day In Paris