Treating Cold In Babies

A common cold is a viral infection of nose and throat. Nasal congestion, coughs and runny nose are the main indicators of a cold. Coughs are usually dry, but depending on the severity of the cold, baby can have rattling mucus and/or a slight fever.  In this post, I am going to list down some things that me and my husband did… Continue reading Treating Cold In Babies

The First Month: NICU stay and homecoming

Sharing my first born nael’s first month update starting with a small summary to his routine and development in the first month and then a small version of his own by the hashtag #naelsays . Enjoy reading and share your babies stories in the comments.

Fifth Month : Teething hurts

This month mom and Nael finally came back to Dammam and to his superhero ‘baba’. After coming back he missed his khalas so much who used to carry him around the house all the time, changed his dirty diapers🚽, bathed 🛁and played with him. But he also made some new friends here in dammam. Milestones… Continue reading Fifth Month : Teething hurts