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10 Things to look for Before you Buy the authentic Essential Oils

Buying an essential oil to benefit from it can be a difficult task. The growing market has diluted the pure vendors with adulterated harmful oils mischievously labelled as Essential oils. A few tips can save you bucks and bring in the true healing out of the bottle.

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Treating Cold In Babies

A common cold is a viral infection of nose and throat. Nasal congestion, coughs and runny nose are the main indicators of a cold. Coughs are usually dry, but depending on the severity of the cold, baby can have rattling mucus and/or a slight fever.  In this post, I am going to list down some things that me and my husband did… Continue reading Treating Cold In Babies


6 Remedies “I do” to counter attack FLU!

Flu once a year with disturbing effects bothers me alot. Unlike others, over-the-counter Antibiotics are not my rescue. I got rid of allopathic solutions and gave a chance to nature's own healing powers hidden in my kitchen.