💡Gift ideas for men💡

Buying gifts for men is a difficult task. Gift ideas for men are very limited in my opinion. I don’t buy much clothes/shoes for my husband considering that he might not like or it doesn’t fit. Perfumes and wrist watches are overrated and already gifted several times. So what to give now 🤦🏻‍♀️

So sharing some ideas about gifts for men and what I usually gave my husband. So if you have your father, brother, husband, son, fiancé’s birthday coming up read this article and get some ideas. (Not for boyfriends pliss 😂😝) #halalgifts 😂

Handmade card – Doesn’t matter how much old school it sounds it’s the best thing to give. Write a heartfelt note inside and channel your inner creativity by designing. It’s personal, it’s sweet, its thoughful and it’s affordable infact almost free. If you cant make a card, buy it and write a message inside. You can write a full love letter too. Yes fathers, brothers and sons can also get love letters from you. Express how much you love them in that.

Food – Never underestimate the power of food (I don’t believe in this concept ke Mard ke dil ka rasta uske pait se ho ke jata hai but everyone likes good food aur jo apke hath ka ho tou bonus). Last year I baked cake for my husband and this time I made healthy muffins for him as i know that he prefers healthy food. 

You probably know what he likes to eat, so make it for him and stuff him so much that he may not ask you to make it again till his next birthday hehe 😀 just joking. Pyar se khilayen 😉

Hobbies related – think what that person likes to do. I know that Bilal enjoys gardening and works on his health and fitness so last year I bought him a gardening book and a fitness watch (fit bit). 

If he likes books, give him books. If he is interested in cricket give something cricket related :D. If he enjoys movies you can give movie tickets.

Need based– look for something that the person might in need for like last year, Bilal was using a mobile whose screen was completely damaged and he was not changing it so I gifted him a mobile on his birthday. Give anything that add value in his daily life and he appreciates while using it. You can also give gift vouchers so that he may buy something from his fav store.

Skincare – like women, men can also make use of skin care products like face wash, lotion, shampoo, sunscreen etc. dont hesistate to give them skincare or haircare products. Several times i have gifted face wash or scrub or lotion to my husband. Obviously if your man is not interested in these items.. its okay. Give him something from men grooming items like trimmer, shaver, hair styling product, deodorant, body spray etc.

Weather related– in summers you can give sunglasses, hat, ice cream or some cold drink he likes (adding a fresh food item is not a bad thing) and in winters you can give gloves, muffler, sweater, beanie, coffee, hot chocolate, baked items etc.

Decorative items– if you run out of ideas, you can always add any decorative item for home, his office or his car. Good ambience creates good mood. Wind chime, decorative lamp, photo frame etc.

Gift box – you can make a big box filled with lots of small gifts. Like this time I gave Bilal a 5 senses box with 5 gifts inside; see, hear, smell, touch and taste.

For sight, I placed a heart shaped ceramic hanging item with a heartfelt note written. You can include a photo of you and him, dvd or a painting.

For hear, I placed my old phone inside (not as a gift 😀 but I had recorded a message for him in that mobile so he has to listen to that). You can also give an audio cassette, audio book or song.

For taste, I placed one of the muffin I made for him. You can add anything he likes to eat. Chocolates are the easiest option.

For touch, I included a body lotion. Other options are clothing, any accessory item like bracelets, ring, cuff links etc.

For smell, I gave scented candle. Again a perfume or flower or body spray can work.

Flowers and chocolates – the easy most but yet most famous and loved gifts. Add your personal note with flower to make it special. 

Age related – Obviously there are some things that you can add according to their age. If you are buying for your toddler son, you can buy toys but for a teenage boy something like psp or gaming gadget would work. Or maybe a game that is educational or whole family can play together. For fathers you can give him a book that he enjoy.

There are some other things that you can give like diary, tool box, tea/coffee mug, pen, alarm clock, book, music instrument, painting, belt, speakers, head phones etc.

Hope you have got some ideas for your next gift. 🙂

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