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Treating Cold In Babies

A common cold is a viral infection of nose and throat. Nasal congestion, coughs and runny nose are the main indicators of a cold. Coughs are usually dry, but depending on the severity of the cold, baby can have rattling mucus and/or a slight fever. 

In this post, I am going to list down some things that me and my husband did to treat our son’s cold at the age of seven months. But these may or may not help your baby. Seek medical professional help when needed.


Humidity prevents spreading of the virus. We used a humidifier to increase the humidity in our house. It is one of the best ways to help with stuffed nose or nasal congestion. We also added some drops of lavender essential oil in the humidifier to help our baby sleep better. Lavender essential oil is antibacterial and known for its calming and relaxing attributes. Plus it is safe for babies.


We also used a nebulizer to open his dry nose using purified water. He didn’t use it for more than 5-10 minutes but it surely helped him sleep better. If you don’t have a nebulizer, you can just build up steam inside your bathroom by a hot shower and keep your baby inside for some time. This is an easy way to give your baby steam when he is having flu or cold.

Saline drops

Saline drops are very good for opening up dry nose. As our baby had a dry nose and was not runny he had difficulty in breathing. I frequently put drops in his nostrils, especially in the middle of the night, when he woke up from difficulty in breathing. It really helped him. Saline drops are available from any pharmacy without a prescription.

Nose cleaning

Obviously, when a baby has flu parents have to frequently clean their baby’s nose. But its not always a good idea to wipe out from tissue paper as it usually causes rashes around the nose. It will be better if you clean the baby’s nose with water or with an earbud very carefully. You might want to use mucus sucker or nasal aspirator if your baby’s nose is very runny.

Warm bath

Give your little ones a warm bath during flu or cold. Bathing always helps in sickness as water gives refreshing and light feeling to our bodies. But don’t forget to put our baby in lots of layers after that. Giving hard boiled eggs or soup afterwards is always a bonus.

Oil massage

We regularly gave him oil massage on head and sometimes on his chest with olive oil. Body massage increases blood circulation in the body which speeds up the recovery process from the viral infection. It also helps in relaxing the muscles and baby sleeps well.

Diet changes

During flu, it’s better to avoid certain foods which produce mucus in our bodies like banana, rice, yogurt etc. So, I didn’t gave my baby these things during cold to be extra careful and avoid the production of mucus.

Head high while sleeping

Keep your baby’s head a little higher than usual to ease the flow of air. That’s what my mother used to do whenever I had nasal congestion. So I did this with my baby during the nights and it helped him breathe easily.

Plenty of fluids

Give your baby lots of fluids if he has common cold as it helps in good blood circulation. If your baby is less than 6 months old and has not started solids yet then only increase the number of milk feedings. But our baby was more than 6 months old and had already started taking solids so I increased his water intake during the day and frequent milk feedings.

Soup and Broths

Along with increasing fluid intake, I also gave him warm chicken soup/stock without spices. It helps in increasing immunity and soothes flu and cold symptoms.

Warm clothing

Obviously, we kept our baby warm with layers of clothes, socks and a knitted hat. And it was winter month so we didn’t take him outside for few days.

Lots of hugs and kisses

Babies love attention and a sick baby wants more attention than usual. So make sure to give your baby lots of kisses and hugs when they are sick 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or can give medical advice. These are just some remedie that worked for us. If your baby’s condition is critical (high fever or difficulty breathing), please seek nearby medical help from a health care provider immediately.

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