Sixth Month : Initial stages of teething and weaning

Can’t believe nael is already 6 months 😯 half way through his first birthday. 6 months ago he was so tiny, sleeping peacefully in my arms and now he can’t stay in my arms for long when he sees something interesting around and jumps or slips down from my lap to grab it. It’s amazing to see so much naughtiness and excitement in his eyes and lots of energy in his limbs 🤪. He is quickly out-growing his clothes. And it’s fun tossing out old clothes and buying cute small pants and shirts 🤣. This month was about teething 🦷, learning to sit, crying a lot😭, not sleeping 🧟‍♂️, trying out some new flavors 👅 and moving from one place to another in seconds 🚼 and lots of stinky diapers 💩🤣

#naelsays so i can officially eat now. And since a week, mama is properly making vegetable and fruit purees for me and making me try those everyday. I mostly like the new flavors but I am more interested in chewing the yummy spoon mama is feeding with🥄. I have discovered that by loudly crying I can get whatever I want. Whether I want to sit on mamas lap in the car instead of boring car seat or I want something from what everyone is eating on the table, I just cry and cry so loud that mama give up. I like talking to dadi and nani on video calls but I’d rather prefer having that phone in my mouth. I sometimes laughs too but only for one day. You have to find another funny thing to make me laugh tomorrow. My favorite hobby is hitting my legs on bed, cot, play mat, changing table, mama, baba basically everywhere🦵. I make funny noises (sometimes screams) to entertain myself. I usually get up early to join baba’s exercise routine. And stay up late so that mama can’t have time to herself in the nights too. I make her so tired that she now sometimes sleeps early than me and baba. My tip to all the babies out there: whenever mama baba gets mad on me I make my most innocent face and they forget everything and start kissing me instead, so try that with your mamas and babas too 😜 they all get trapped in this trick so easily. Good luck 😈 .

Pic: Nael in full winter spirit 🧥🥾🧦🧤🧣

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