What to buy before your baby arrives?

There is a lot of information available online about the essentials to buy for a coming baby and a long list of things to buy for newborn. And most couples while their first time becoming parents bought a lot of baby items and clothes. Well in actually a newborn doesn’t require many things. And if they don’t buy wisely a lot of things go to waste without even using single time.

After my first baby, I got to know that what things actually used and what things or items were a total waste of money. So let’s start with my minimalist list of essentials for a newborn.


We tend to grab the cute little baby outfits at the markets as soon as we get the good news (okay not everyone but most of us ๐Ÿ˜œ), which isn’t a good idea. Because babies don’t need many clothes or fancy outfits, so keep your money saved till he/she’s two months old at least. Because they just sleep and sleep in the early days. The things which you should be looking for while shopping for baby are:

Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash


Onesies and sleepsuits are best options for newborns as it a single piece to put them on. Really newborns just sleep, wake up to feed and then sleep again, so you don’t need to buy expensive and fancy clothes. Just buy some solid color cotton onesies and sleepsuits, they will be enough.

Babies look so cute in onesies and there is a lot of time for dressing them up in the future. Also, onesies come in sets of 3 or 5 so you will save some money too. 

But if you reaaaallly want to spend some money then buy some zipper onesies as they are soooo easy to put them in. Just open and close the zip quick as compared to closing each button after every diaper change. Super easy and convenient especially in early days when new parents are over whelmed by a new responsibility.


As of baby accessories, there are tons of options out there in the market. From hair bands and cute mittens to little shoes and ties and bows everything. Again don’t need to buy these and fill your house with these small things that will eventually be lost in the wardrobe, car, washing machines and everywhere in the house. And will not come to use for long in actual. 

The only accessories you will need are: 

  • socks; if you are putting your baby in some fancy outfit other than onesie.
  • shoes; one or two maybe just for pictures or maybe none because let’s be real they are going to walk for a year at least so don’t spend so much money on that.
  • hats; i would say this is the most important accessory whether the baby borns in summer or winter.


Blankets are necessary for babies especially swaddle blanket which keeps them warm and tight and resembles womb. It also helps them to sleep peacefully feeling secure. 


Some of the feeding essentials to buy are: atleast 2 bottles (even if you plan to bottle-fed or not) and some bibs. Swaddle blankets or bibs can be used as burp clothes so don’t need to buy burp clothes separately as some brands made burp clothes so attractive to attract the customer but in the last they are going to be used for burping and will become dirty with undigested milk ๐Ÿคฎ

Also having a bottle of gripe water will help a lot in case of colic or gas in general.



First of all the most basic thing: diapers (disposable or re-useable). Buy a small packet of zero-size and one-size both as no one is really sure what size your baby will be or what will fit him/her. I am suggesting to buy a small packet because again you don’t know how many days any size will fit and believe me, they come out from 0 and 1 size very fast so don’t need to stock a lot of diapers even you are getting a discount or something. 


Second important thing are baby wipes. Choose unscented sensitive baby wipes for newborns. Because they are going to touch your baby’s sensitive parts so they should be gentle on their delicate skin.


Another thing in this category is baby rash cream. Quality of diapers and wipes really affect baby rashes. So choose them wisely. Look out for organic rash cream because it will heal the baby faster ideally one containing zinc as its active ingredient. Because zinc has antiseptic properties, it promotes healing and serves as a protective barrier as well. Some parents use corn starch and other home remedies for treating baby rash but I haven’t used any on nael so can’t say much about it. If you can look into that and its works for your baby’s skin you can save some bucks on that too.



I would really recommend buying a baby bath tub of some sort. There are lots of options in the market. While choosing one just consider that it should be neither too hard nor too slippery for the baby. Net ones are the best in my opinion. Linking the bathtub we bought for nael and it was so easy to give him bath on and it’s still in use.


Again choose gentle and sensitive products to put on your baby. There is not need to buy separate shampoo for their tiny hairs just yet, instead buy a body wash that can be used on hairs as well.

For moisturizing babies skin, again buy a mild lotion or use any oil at home (that would be best for the baby’s skin). Johnsons brand is not the only option in this world ๐Ÿ˜ choose products based on their ingredients not the scents. Also, babies have already so sweet scent of their own. They don’t need chemical fragrances. Buy products with real ingredients not just chemicals which are harmful for babies.

One of the options is earth mama angel baby body wash.


Buy two or three baby towels for after bath (obviously). No wash clothes necessary though.


Baby grooming essentials kit include:

  • nail cutter
  • nail filer
  • hairbrush
  • thermometer
  • earbuds


For washing newborn baby clothes, choose a gentle baby laundry detergent or liquid soap. Laundry detergents for adults are not suitable for newborn babies clothes.

Wash their clothes with water or a gentle laundry soap before the arrival of the baby because brands usually put fragrances or chemicals on baby clothes for softness and fragrance. The laundry liquid soap we use is here. You can find other baby friendly laundry detergents on the internet as well.

Don’t waste money on something unnecessary like baby clothes conditioner ๐Ÿ’ฐ


Buy a good comfortable stroller, car seat and baby carrier. These are must in my opinion. Baby cot and changing table are optional, not necessary as you can choose to co-sleep. However, in my opinion, baby bassinets are a waste of money as babies will grow out from them soon. You can instead choose to buy a baby co-sleepers like dock-a-tot or sleepy head etc. In my case, I got it made customized from my tailor which was quite inexpensive as compared to the before mentioned brands considering that it can be used for only a few months.

So that is all. I am hoping that you will not remember all the things I mentioned so making a list of these items for future reference here. You can print it out before going shopping for your coming baby ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป

Happy shopping ๐Ÿ›’

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