The First Month: NICU stay and homecoming

Born on 11 June 2018, Nael was the most guppo gugglu (adorable) baby. Mama baba didn’t get to hold him for several days as he was kept in a box with oxygen supply. He spent his early days in hospital NICU due to his lung infection and then antibiotic course. Mama baba visited him several times every day just to make sure that he is okay and getting stronger. After 6 days of birth, when he came out of the box mama and baba held him for the first time 🤗 And finally, he got well and came home on 19th June exactly 9 days old.

Nael’s routine and development 👉🏻After coming home Nael’s routine were just Eat🤱🏻. Sleep💤. Poop💩. Repeat 🔁

Also, he started recognizing faces and voices and gave short smiles sometimes.

#Naelsays 👉🏻 Everyone says that I am like mama but mama says that my eyes are just like baba 👀. Mama spent her days and nights feeding me, changing my diapers, dressing me up and taking tons of pictures. Nano did my dirty laundry, gave me oil massage and bathe me every day. But I most enjoyed the ‘Lab pe aati hai dua’ and ‘Sohni dharti ‘ as a lullaby from baba every night 😁

I listened to them all with wide bright eyes and gave reply with just a smile which according to mama is the best smile in the whole world 📈

In simple words, I took all the love, attention, hugs and kisses and lived Iike a BOSS this month. #bossbaby 🤗

May Allah gave Nael long healthy life and protect him from all evil eyes 🤲🏻 , Ameen.

👶🏻 Nael- my pure joy ✨