Shell pasta with tomato sauce recipe

If you know me well you would definitely know that I am a pasta lover. I have made almost all types of pasta and I can literally eat it everyday. 75% of the times I order pasta when I go to a restaurant. And when I canโ€™t decide what to make at home I go for pasta. So next time you invite me give me a yummy pasta Iโ€™ll be a happy guest hehe ๐Ÿ˜†

After seeing my Instagram stories today some of you asked for the recipe so here it is. Today I made shell pasta with red sauce. I donโ€™t go with exact measurements of every spice and vegetables but so add them according to taste.


Chicken(boneless cubes )-250g

Pasta – 250g

Veggies (capsicum, carrot, cabbage) – cut in cubes

Tomato sauce-1/2 cup or less

Parmesan or any cheese

Spices for chicken marination:


Black pepper

Red chilli flakes


Soy sauce

Hot sauce


Start by boiling some water in a pan with a pinch of salt and oil in it. Add pasta and boil it. After itโ€™s completely boiled strain and wash with water so that all the starch washes away. Drizzle some oil over it and set aside.

In a pan, put some oil and fry 1 tbsp crushed garlic. Add marinated chicken and fry it till it is perfectly cooked then add veggies and cover the pan.

When veggies are cooked add the tomato paste ( I normally blend two tomatoes and cook that separately with some pepper but today I took ready-made tomato paste). Mix it thoroughly and cook it for few minutes. Lastly, mix the boiled pasta and add some shredded cheese on top and cover the lid on low heat for 1-2 min more so that it melts. Thatโ€™s it folk hope you will like it.

And share me your pics of pasta if you make it. Donโ€™t forget to tag me so that I donโ€™t miss โ˜บ๏ธ

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Happy cooking

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