10 Tips For Visiting Paris

Paris is a huge tourist attraction with more than 20 million tourists each year. During planning my trip to Paris, I read a large number of articles about visiting Paris and saw a bunch of videos and after spending a whole week there, I learned some new things about this city and came up with a few tips. These are the tips that I find very useful there and are solely based on my experience.


1. Buy a Paris Pass:

The first thing I want to talk about is Paris Pass. It includes a card pass that gives free entry to numerous Paris attractions and can travel on Big Bus for one day, one pass for free entry to Paris’s famous museums along with fast-entry in some places. It also includes a free travel card which you can use for metro, RER, trains, and buses. Overall it’s better to have a Paris pass in Paris because it not only saves a lot of money and time but also helps in planning your trip as it covers a lot of big and Must-see Attractions of Paris. To buy a Paris pass now, go to Paris pass website and hopefully, it’ll be delivered to you before you visit. Maybe there are other travel passes for Paris out there but I can just say about Paris Pass as I have only tried this.

Note: Maybe there are other travel passes for Paris out there but I can just say about Paris Pass as I have only tried this.


2. Learn some French:

Before going in any new country it’s better to have some local phrases learned by heart or at least have a local dictionary with you. I read that you should learn French and Parisian will only understand French but actually, there are a majority of Parisian people spoke and understand English. So, we didn’t have to speak French that much and we usually just talked in English. Though it’s much better to say Bonjour (Hello) before starting any conversation and merci (thanks) in the end. They will really appreciate it. Along with that learn some common words and phrases in French like yes, no, how much, asking about if they speak English or telling your name etc.

Because of a high frequency of tourists visiting Paris, a majority of people behind tickets offices or information center desks speak English. But in case of an emergency, you should always have a dictionary with you to communicate. For restaurants and cafes, as the menus are in the French language, you can always use Google translator.

3. Cheap and convenient transport options: 

While visiting there, it’s best to walk by foot as the architecture is amazing and beautiful. For longer distances, take a metro (subway), RER train, tramway or RATP bus which are extended throughout the city and you can easily find stations nearby. It is priced at  1.90€ per person every route. Taxis are expensive there but if you don’t want to travel by public transport you can hire Uber which is relatively cheaper. In addition, there is a self-service bike system called Velib’ in Paris with 1800 stations located every 300 meters which you can take and return to any other bike station near your destination. It is a great option because not only you can take whatever route and enjoy the sights, it’s a great exercise. Also, you can stop at any place that attracts you. You can buy its ticket online or at any Velib’ station. For further information visit Velib’


4. Tickets for Eiffel tower 

Visiting Paris and not going on Eiffel tower seems out of question. But when you reach there you’ll realize that Eiffel tower is not the dream of yours alone. You’ll find a long-lasting queue for the tickets of the second floor and when you finally reach the second floor you will again have to stand and wait in another line to get the pass for the summit (the highest floor). And yeah we learned it when we spend almost 2 and half hours reaching the top. So my advice is to get the tickets online from its website if you have already planned which day and time you wanna go up the Eiffel tower. I recommend going at evening because the view is amazing at night also the lights of Eiffel Tower lights up every evening after sunset. It’s tickets sold out very quickly, even months earlier, especially during peak seasons (June, July, August), so book your ticket as early as possible and you’ll pass directly through the gate. In the event that online tickets are unavailable, tickets will still be purchased directly at the Eiffel Tower’s ticket office.


5. Use Big Bus         

Big Bus is a great option for seeing the whole city in minimum time. You can hop on at any stop, enjoy the place and hop-off the next bus which comes around every 15-30 minutes. The ticket is available at big bus office located near the Louvre museum. You can also avail this opportunity if you bought a Paris pass. But Paris pass offers only one day tour, if you want to ride the big bus for more days you’ll have to purchase two or three-day package from the office or from the website.

6. Beware of pickpockets 

Take good care of your bags and belongings and beware of pickpockets especially in the metro and rushy areas. This thing is as common in Paris as it’s in any big city so watch out your stuff everywhere.

7. Keep a paper map 

Google map is the best companion but also carry a paper map in case your net doesn’t work when you need it.

8. Don’t spend on expensive hotels

I would say that rent a room that is comfortable enough to sleep at night. Don’t go on extra luxury hotels because, in the end, you’ll spend all day outside the hotel. But it totally depends on your budget and your preference, if you want to enjoy the comfort of an expensive hotel on your vacation or you can easily afford it, then the choice is yours.

9.  Wear comfortable shoes 

Wear comfortable shoes as you are going to walk there a lot. Not only on the streets but museums, galleries, parks and everywhere. And you’ll end up tired and swollen feet at night. And trust me it’s worth it. Every street every corner is beautiful and unique on its own. You’ll enjoy every second of it. To see complete packing list for your trip abroad read this.


10.  Keep snacks and water: 

In the last, I would say that keep some snacks and water with you all time to keep you hydrated and going throughout the day. Also, try the street foods in Paris especially the  Nutella crepe. It’s yummy, delicious, and chocolatey and everything a crepe should be. I am sure you’ll not regret it.


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