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5 easy steps before going on vacation abroad 

It is always a good idea to travel but along with sightseeing comes a lot of expenses and other problems, especially when you haven’t visited that place before. So, if this is your first time traveling internationally or you have traveled a lot but want to travel in a more planned and organized way this time, here is a list of 4 easy steps that will make your international getaway experience more enjoyable, fun and tension-free.

1. Planning:

Planning is as important as its execution. You have probably heard “ A goal without a plan is only a wish”. This is 100% true. Going on a vacation without having any knowledge about that place is a big no-no. The things that you need to plan before taking a trip are:

Visa process: 

This is obvious and everyone knows that but I need to mention it here because it’s the first and must thing to do. Check your passport’s expiration date beforehand. Because while applying for a visa, your passport should be valid for at least six months after entering any foreign country. Apply for your visa in that particular embassy by online or by manual form. If your visa is approved you can actually start planning your trip.

Date and duration:

Set the dates and duration of stay and apply for vacation at your work or educational institute. This will prepare your mindset to plan accordingly.


An itinerary is basically a planned route or journey which relates to a timetable. It’s better to have a plan where and how you want to spend each day to make the most out of your trip.  This will ease your mind in the foreign country from the time-consuming task of deciding where to head each day. For example, write a scheme of two or three or more places you want to visit each day according to the time duration you intended to stay there. Of course, for this, you have to do research about the places in that country you want to visit that you think you might like depending on your interests. If you are an art type of person you may want to see art galleries, museums and drama/music theaters. And if you are a nature lover you might like to go to parks, lakes or natural sightseeing. Ask for suggestions from your friends and family who have visited there or search on the internet.

2. Budgeting:

Having a budget in the initial planning phase stops you from having a massive blowout and spending way more than you originally expected. Choose a suitable plan to manage your expenses on the trip. Decide whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel, rent an apartment or take a room in a local hostel. This lodging planning will be a great part in controlling your costs. Make a budget for plane fares, travel costs, food, activities, shopping and some cash on hand. This will help you keep track of your expenses in an efficient and mindful way. To estimate an approximate amount of money according to different countries you can visit budget your trip website.

There are some handy apps to keep track of your travel expenses such as

3. Booking:

When you decide the dates, you can start booking your flights and arrange the accommodation. Here are some of the apps or websites that will help you in making your choice.

Travel tickets apps:

Hotel reservation apps:

4. Shopping:

Shop according to the climate and where you are heading. See the weather forecast to be sure what type of clothes and items you should take with you. It’s recommended having good comfortable shoes if you intend to walk there a lot. And lastly, buy a good suitcase or backpack that is easy to carry and is of suitable size to accommodate all your belongings.

5. Packing :

Obviously, you have to pack everything that you are going to need on vacation. Forgetting to pack something important and realizing it after landing abroad is really frustrating. To help pack everything with you, a checklist is very functional. This not only helps while packing before leaving your house but can also be handy while repacking to make sure you do not lose anything valuable in the hotel. Want to know what to pack with you on vacation check PACKING LIST: WHAT TO PACK WHEN GOING ABROAD 

Happy planning!

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